ShopParty Luxe

Luxury shopping with ShopPartyA phone interview with Bonnie lets her get to know you and what your dream shopping day looks like.
What do you like to buy…want….need….love? Really love!
With your dream shopping list as a guide, Bonnie will create a customized ShopParty….just for you. The PERFECT shopping day of your dreams.
Here are a few of the custom ShopParties we’ve done:

Design your secret source shopping dream dayPrivate Chicago
Name your passion, hobbies, collections, fave pastimes, and Bonnie will design your secret source shopping dream day. The shelves, drawers, counters, stores and unexpected spots you didn’t know existed. Private access. After-hours. Surprise guest stars. All yours.

It's all about meMe…Me…It’s All About Me!
One-of-a-kind items….exclusively yours. A lipstick created just for you. The perfect pair of black pants that fit the way you’ve only dreamed they could. Your own private label coffee. Ice cream created for your special tastes. You can even design your own nightgown. Dream it? Bonnie can do it.

Find a fabulous peiceHead Turners
The WOW! That one fabulous piece that makes heads turn wherever
you go. A bag….a belt…a pin….a wrap. Whatever it is, it’s a killer. And you know ‘cause people run up and ask, “Where did you find that!” ONLY at ShopParty!

See the sights of ChicagoNextShop the Sights….and More
Dilemma. You want to see the sights of Chicago. But you’ve got a weakness for gift shops. Bonnie will design a ShopParty so you can do it all. See the landmarks, museums, stadiums, colleges, and more…on your way to their fun and trendy shops.