Shopparty Concierge

Toast to your shopping day!Be the concierge ++ …the one who knows the places that no one else knows exist. Shops and secret spots you’d never find on your own.

Bonnie knows where they are, WHO they are, and how to get your guests in the door. With ShopParties specially created for your guests.

The perfect activity to offer a guest who loves to shop…a dazzling shopping day beyond her wildest dreams.

Take a peek at some of the one-of-a-kind custom ShopParties you can offer your guests:

Shop the Chicago sights

Shop the Sights
See Chicago’s fabulous sights. Shop their fun and trendy gift stores. Bonnie will create a shopping party so your guest (or guests) can shop the landmarks, museums, stadiums, or colleges.

private ChicagoPrivate Chicago
Bonnie will create a customized shopping party based on your guest’s passion, hobbies, or favorite collections. The shelves, drawers, counters, stores and unexpected spots no one knows about. Private access. After-hours. Surprise guest stars.

Find special giftsShopParty Celebrations
A special way to entertain out-of-town guests in for a wedding weekend,
bachelorette party, or special celebration. Guests can choose a sleek
stretch limo, trolley, van or luxury bus. Bonnie will create a fabulous
eating, drinking, playing, shopping tour for the honoree and her guests.

SHopparty room serviceShopParty Room Service
Got a guest who wants to shop like a star? Bonnie will make it happen!
She’ll bring your guest’s dream items right to her hotel room or
suite…every half hour…by the designers, artists, store owners and
stylists. Your guest can sit back and enjoy the show as she chooses
what catches her fancy.